For every 100 units sold, ODEON Securities will donate one unit to a charity.

At the beginning of February, we had some challenges from our shareholder, clients, and staff.

Each time we succeeded for almost 100% and by this success, we improved our way of working.

So now we open a challenge to the world to make a small impact that can really help organizations that are daily busy with helping people.

What is the challenge?

For every 100 units sold, ODEON Securities will organize a drawing.

What does this draw involve?

The draw means that a charity or an organization can receive an air device or a wheelchair cabin.

Who can register?

Charities or associations based in the European Union, that deal with patients and/or disabled people.

Who will do the draw?

We make sure that the draw is done by a Chamber of Commerce / Business Club of a European country based in Bulgaria

For the first draw, we would like to invite the president or vice president of the Belgian Bulgarian Luxembourg Business club to us, because we are a Bulgarian company with Belgian Management. With every draw, after the sale of 100 devices, the Chamber of Commerce / Business Club of a European country will choose his or her colleague for the next draw.

How can you report a charity or association?

You can always register your charity or organization yourself or third parties can submit one by sending an email to with the following information:

  • The name of charity or association
  • Their goal
  • The name of the chairman or director (+ e-mail address as required)
  • The e-mail address and the website + telephone number

You will always be informed that we have received your registration and we will go live on the drawing moments on our Facebook and LinkedIn page and not to forget our website.