Tok Tok Concept 2021: #GrowTogether

At the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 pandemic had a major negative impact on society and the business community as a whole. Suddenly we were limited in our daily activities and habits and will take some time. However, as humans we are made in such a way that we look for solutions to be able to continue and to grow, both temporarily and permanently.  

Mission and vision

Building together constructively on growth in order to catch up to end the trough year 2020. By opting for equality and equity as the basic foundation, we thus go along with different layers of business and society where necessary so that minorities disappear, and togetherness can be provided. 



Based on surveys and testimonials in the sector (during 2020), we convert our thoughts into policies, and we translate these policies into actions so that we pursue an internal policy in which people can identify and in which certain groups can improve, detect the negative current faster and thus reduce it to nihil.

Work environment:

It is important to use working material and equipment that is long lasting or recycled. Also, we thrive to lower our footprint when it comes to pollution and we make an emphasis to reduce waste in our offices and we recycle to the best of our abilities.


It’s important that the different departments of Odeon grow on the national and international market and that each member of our staff can be seen as an ambassador.



Creating and supporting a multicultural environment without neglecting traditions on which our European society is built on. This will help to strengthen minority groups and can help to reduce the gap.


The decision to not have company cars that stands more than 80% of the time on a parking, is made. On the other hand,we know that in some cases this will be inevitable, therefore we have chosen to go for a car sharing contract in cities and for intercity travel for a rental car. Which will result in lowering the pollution footprint directly on our national, Bulgarian, market.


It is important that we and our suppliers will grow together on the national and international market and that startup business can also use our services. That is why we decided to strengthen our collaboration by implementing partnerships, affiliate programs and a special services for startups.

#GrowTogether #OdeonGrowTogether2021